What we don't know is greater than what we do know

Technology that captures, organizes and structures consumer's digital and physical behavioral signals into actionable insights to drive business outcomes
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What is The Apollo Program?

Apollo is a proprietary consumer intelligence platform that listens to billions of data signals from a wide variety of content, creative and in-app sources, enabling brands to assess real customer behavior at scale. These behavioral insights can be applied across an entire business, from product planning to marketing execution.

What does Apollo help you answer about your business?

How do we utilize unbiased behavioral data to optimize for a superior experience to every single customer, every time?

How do we gain a true understanding of our potential customers, not just the ones already interacting with our brand?

How should our communications differ across digital, physical and social platforms?

How does the environment and culture alter how people interact with our brand?

What are the right combination of assets and metrics to drive success across our marketing activities and investments?

How do we learn from every single piece of creative and content we produce?

How is Apollo different from existing solutions?


Interactions and movements of people happening in real-time - not finite snapshots in time


Analysis and recommendations that solve real business problems - not data sold on a per impression basis


Access to millions of specific consumers that matter to you - not ready-made, limited, "representative" samples


Individual actions and hundreds of signals about each consumer's behavior - not assumptions and biased or self-reported surveys


Apollo continually learns from each data signal so Apollo can evolve with consumer behavior

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